Overhaul to Water Meter System, Solar Street Lights, & Smoke Free City Buildings Discussed at Council Workshop

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Overhaul to Water Meter System, Solar Street Lights, & Smoke Free City Buildings Discussed at Council Workshop


By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

The Common Council Workshop on Tuesday night began with city leaders getting an education on water meters.

North Tonawanda Assistant City Engineer Chelsea Spahr talked about water meters testing, the different types of water meters, and successful projects.

The City of North Tonawanda has over 11,800 water meters with an average age of about 15 years.

To combat an aging system, she proposed a total overhaul with a goal of achieving more accurate reads of water usage.

“The cost of the project would be just over 6 million dollars,” said Spahr, “but we would have to see how much we get back in grant money before we can move forward with anything.”

If this does come to fruition, the city would most likely contract out to a private company to install the water meters so that everything can get done at one time. 

Also discussed was the possibility of using LED street lights in North Tonawanda.

Jason Kulazsweski is the clean energy coordinator at UBI and says North Tonawanda could see a considerable savings.

“LED street light conversions can reduce street light costs by up to 65 percent,” said Kulazweski.

Kulazweski has offered to volunteer 50 hours of his time for free technical assistance if the City decides to move forward on this.

The conversation then turned from saving energy to saving lives. Jenna Brinkworth from Roswell Park Cancer Institute, who works to establish smoke free zones, says she would like to see the front of North Tonawanda City Hall be smoke free.

“This is really protecting public health against the dangers of second hand smoke,” said Brinkworth.

She brought smoke free signs with her, but weather or not city officials will move forward on making the front of municipal buildings smoke free remains up in the air.

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