NT Common Council President Zadzilka Looking Forward to 2019

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By: Eric Zadzilka

Common Council President

My fellow residents,  Happy New Year!

2019 will be a year of continued momentum with unprecedented growth initiatives for North Tonawanda, continued downtown development, continued investment in our infrastructure, a continued influx of new businesses coming to North Tonawanda , and continued hard work by this Council body and our Mayor to deliver the best city services for our taxpayer dollars. We will finish the projects of yesterday and see them to completion.

We have seen achievements such as the completion of the Children’s Remembrance Garden and the groundbreaking of new ventures such as Matt’s Music expansion on Oliver Street. As recently as a few weeks ago we learned that Spot Coffee will add North Tonawanda as a new home and there are some big announcements still to be made about development happening in 2019 from Woodcock Brothers Brewing and others.

It was recently announced that Dan Quinn will be leaving his current job as North Tonawanda Clerk/Treasurer. I would like to thank him for all his years of service to the city, its residents, and to this Council. At the same time, we look forward to Matt Parish coming on as our  new Clerk/Treasurer effective January 8th, 2019.

I know from our conversations, Matt offers a new drive, a tenacity, and an energetic hit the ground running mindset we will need for the challenges that lie ahead.

The CFO of the city is an important and crucial role that can’t be vacant for even a short time in starting on our budget when we have such a highly qualified candidate with pertinent experience to execute these duties effectively. His qualifications on Formulating and weighing in on County budgets speak volumes so he needs to be appointed as North Tonawanda Clerk/Treasurer.

In closing, as far what lies ahead, it was once said, ” there are several kinds of ppl in life and how those may perceive progress..those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those that ask, what happened?”  We need to remain vigilant on making things happen in our city in a cooperative manner.

With that, I say thank you too residents who attend our Common Council meetings and workshops, for your input, your trust, and your passion for North Tonawanda!

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