NT Common Council to Hold Special Budget Listening Session

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

Residents in North Tonawanda will have a special listening session to voice any questions, concerns, or ideas they have on Mayor Pappas’s proposed 2019 budget. 

Public officials will be on hand starting at 6:00pm on Wednesday, November 14th, inside City Hall.

The $37 million budget will then be voted upon – with any changes that might be made – on Thursday, November 15th. 

Any interested residents who would like to look at the budget prior to the November 14th meeting can do so at City Hall between 8:30am and 4:30pm at the City Clerk-Treasurer’s Office. 

According the the city charter, the required hearing on the budget must be scheduled no sooner than two weeks after the meeting is published in a local newspaper.

Mayor Art Pappas said he asked all department heads to attempt to cut 10% from their budget.

It is expected that there will be a modest 2.9% property tax increase for North Tonawanda residents.

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