North Tonawanda Mayor Pappas Releases Statement Among New COVID-19 Restrictions

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North Tonawanda Mayor Art Pappas


By: Art Pappas

Mayor of North Tonawanda

As the COVID-19 virus cases continue to rise and our city is of major concern to the Governor, we must take every precaution to help keep the rate of infection low.  The neighboring counties are reaching levels that may put them in the orange and eventually red zone.  It is our hope that NT does not fall into that scenario.

For that reason, the Youth Center will remain closed, but the winter outdoor activities will commence.  Upon advisement by the Niagara County Health Department it is in our best interest to keep the Youth Center closed.  It is understandable that children want to see others and have activities besides those at their own household, but with the spread of infection we want to keep our children and adults safe.

Although frustrating, adherence to restrictions must be followed. The money is in place to open the Youth Center when it is deemed safe to do so.  The Senior Center is not in full service, but is meeting the demands of the county programs.

Please try to help the community stay safe by following Governor mandates and make preparations for quiet holidays this year.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving and stay well.


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