North Tonawanda IS Moving Forward & Has Become a Destination

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North Tonawanda City Hall


By:   Eric Zadzilka & Bob Pecoraro

NT Common Council Members

Why have people been talking about North Tonawanda lately? The answer is reflected in independent rating sources. North Tonawanda has been highlighted and applauded for its growth, progress, and notability as a prime destination. Numbers don’t lie and responsible elected representatives do make a difference.

In August, North Tonawanda was designated as the best place in New York State to live on an annual salary of $50,000 by GoBankingRates, a financial advisement firm that ranked US cities to see where a yearly $50,000 salary would go the furthest. This firm highlighted our livability as a city and a crime rate 35% below the national average.

In September, the Airbnb Company rated that more travelers than ever are visiting

Airbnbs in Western New York, and the fourth sought after destination this summer was North Tonawanda. It’s a caring community getting attention for all it has to offer.

Investment in North Tonawanda and its infrastructure has attracted businesses, events, travelers, diners, and home buyers who want to call our city their home.

Our final independent ranking deals with security. North Tonawanda has been rated as the 68 th safest community out of 2900 New York cities with population over 10,000, according to, an organization using FBI crime statistics to create state rankings. Our anti-bullying law and implementation of a School Resource Officer in North Tonawanda’s schools add to the safety of our youth. We also took on a security assessment of the most public building, our City Hall.

Why are the independent ratings so positive? Simply because our local government works. As the Council President and as an Alderman-at-Large and 1st Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Tonawandas, we know what is needed to support our local businesses. 

We improved our Webster Street business district over the past few years in conjunction with Lumber City Development Corporation. North Tonawanda Community Development Department has attracted investment, new business, and interested patrons from other parts of New York and Canada. 

Let’s not forget the $20 million investment at 600 River Road, River’s Edge 88-unit townhome/apartment complex, newly added to our waterfront. Armstrong Pumps has been expanding here, amounting to an $18 million expansion project while adding 45 new jobs. 

Woodcock Brothers Brewing Company invested $1.5 million for a new brewery location in our historic Wurlitzer building, creating 47 jobs, as it joined the new Platter’s Chocolates factory and store at this site.

We have many more economic success stories but these are the latest. What is so endearing about North Tonawanda is our community, our residents, and our volunteers.

We see restoration at our North Tonawanda Botanical Garden by a nonprofit organization where city residents work with our city government to restore and maintain this beautiful location by the Erie Canal. Its restoration illustrates the commitment and passion of North Tonawanda’s residents caring for our community. Our residents come together often to pitch in, for example, a recently built playground at Mayor’s Park in the Third Ward.

Because of the diligent efforts of our City Officials, combined with the community spirit of its residents, North Tonawanda’s City Council has facilitated many quality-of-life changes that impact each resident and visitor. We encourage you to enjoy what we have to offer. If you have suggestions on moving the city forward, we would love to hear from you. 


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