North Tonawanda Holiday Blood Drive

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

Did you know that one pint of blood can save three lives? Members of the American Red Cross say blood donations are needed now more than ever as during the holiday season blood levels tend to reach low levels because people are out shopping and doing other things and sometimes forget about donating.

Over the weekend church leaders at the Nash Road Church in North Tonawanda held a blood drive where they are hoping that in addition to giving gifts this year people will take time to give the gift of life.

“This is that time of the year when we should be looking at how can we give that gift to other people,” said Pastor Jeffrey Cappello. “It is a very busy time of year that is for sure, that is why I am hoping as we take that time, that we can sit back and take a breather and remember that this season is never about us but instead about what we do for other people.”



Members of the American Red Cross say O-negative is the type of blood that is need the most. In addition to people shopping they say the weather can also be a factor in the reason why people don’t come out.

“It is a very rewarding gift to give blood because you know instantly that you have done something to help someone and you have done something good in this world,” said Paul Mazuriek, Red Cross.

Mazuriek says people with O-positive blood can serve 84% of the population.

For more information on where you can donate you can visit the Red Cross web site at

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