North Tonawanda History Museum Sells for $499,500

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

A piece of history has been sold. This week the North Tonawanda History Museum was sold for just under 500,000 dollars.

The museum was located at 54 Webster Street and will be moving to a new location on Oliver Street.

The winning big was announced Monday at an auction.

Local leaders are trying to learn more about the new owner. However, some say the area could be revamped into a mixed-use space.

Many are excited about the new owner and the potential for North Tonawanda. 

The museum was an anchor in the area: the perfect location with tons of food traffic and tourism business because it is so close to the canal.

The museum’s new location on Oliver Street is expected to open sometime in September.

North Tonawanda History Museum by the Numbers

  • Sold 7/2/18 for $499,500
  • Amount due upon signing was $49,950
  • Previously sold in 2009 for $675,000
  • Current assessed Value: $216,000
  • Assessed Value in 2008: $492,000
  • Because it will no longer be tax exempt as a non-profit, the new owner will have to pay the pro ratas for the last year and a half, which equals $14,835 total
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