North Tonawanda Common Council Appoints Donna Braun as New Clerk/Treasurer

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By: Staff Reporter

The North Tonawanda Common Council moved to appoint current 2nd Ward Alderman Donna Braun as the new Clerk-Treasurer during a meeting on Tuesday, August 18th, 2020.

The Clerk-Treasurer vacancy was created after Matt Parish, who was recently elected to the position, sent in a letter of resignation earlier in August. According to county records, Parish was offered at job at Niagara County as Deputy Clerk.

According to the City of North Tonawanda, six individuals applied to be the interim Clerk-Treasurer. Each of the six individuals supplied the Common Council with their resumé and participated in an interview.


City Clerk-Treasurer Donna Braun


The vacancy was one of the first items of business voted on by the Common Council at Tuesday’s meeting.

“I would like to submit Donna Braun’s name for consideration,” said Common Council President Eric Zadzilka. The nomination was seconded by Alderman-at-Large Bob Pecoraro.

Alderman Robert Schmigel, Alderman Pecoraro, and Common Council President Zadzilka voted yes while Alderman Braun abstained.

Alderman Austin Tylec voted against the appointment.

“I’d like to explain my vote,” said Tylec. “Given the current financial state that the city is in [and] the fiscal status of the city I really do believe that we need to find a clerk-treasurer that has a very strong financial background. Unfortunately, I will be voting no today.”

By a vote of  3 to 1 the motion was approved and Alderman Braun was appointed as the Clerk-Treasurer.

Common Council President Zadzilka spoke following the vote on the qualifications sought by the Common Council when going through the interview process.

“One of the things we were looking for in these applications were customer service, management, and dealing with money coming in and out on a daily basis,” said Common Council President Zadzilka. “Donna has that capability. A lot of the resumes we got were only accounting based, which I think is very helpful, but we already have a city accountant. We wanted an all-encompassing candidate.”

Braun will resign her seat on the Common Council to take the position of Clerk-Treasurer. She has served for six years as 2nd Ward Alderwoman.

“We have some significant challenges in front of us and having a Clerk/Treasurer who understands the issues and can work collaboratively with us was of tremendous importance,” said Common Council President Zadzilka.

Alderman Schmigel said that North Tonawanda, like all local governments, would be dealing with tough budget challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and that Braun already was discussing ideas to try to mitigate the impact.

“In these times of great uncertainty, Donna’s common sense approach to government and her ability to bring people together to problem solve is exactly what we need,” said Schmigel.

Clerk/Treasurer Braun will take the oath of office on Wednesday, August 19th, 2020.



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