North Tonawanda Celebrates 4th of July with Children’s Day Parade

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

A sea of red, white and blue filled streets of North Tonawanda as part of the Fourth of July Children’s Day Parade!

Children, their parents, and other community members marched from Pinewoods Park down to the Carousel Museum celebrating the holiday and showing community pride.

“It brings the community together for the kids and highlights the Carousel, which is a staple right here in the 2nd ward. How can you not love seeing the excitement kids have decorating their bikes? It’s awesome,” said Donna Braun, 2nd Ward Alderman.

The event started last year thanks to 8th District Legislator Richard Andres. He says even in the short 2 years of the event, it’s already grown by leaps and bounds.

“We were doing the parade in Alcott and thought, why not do that here in North Tonawanda,” said Andres. “We had one fire truck last year. This year we have three fire trucks, Uncle Sam on stilts, and so many wonderful members of our community walking in the parade.  It’s going to be a great event this year.”

For many, the Fourth of July  is not just a day to celebrate but also a chance to educate others about what Independence Day actually means. 

“It’s not just about getting the community together and having fun,” said one resident, “but rather about teaching the younger generation about all of the things July 4th stand for.”



A rare piece of history itself, the famous North Tonawanda Carousel was in the parade.

“My kids were excited to participate in the parade,” said Shannon Piorkowski. “It’s awesome seeing the Carousel and then going to the museum.”

The City picked up the tab on the museum tickets and the ice cream after the parade. Next year organizers are hopeful the parade will be even bigger; bringing the community together and turning North Tonawanda’s Independence Day celebration into something people will remember long after it is over.


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