Niagara County Young Republicans Honor Fallen Heroes

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A message from the Niagara County Young Republicans


Memorial Day weekend, the Young Republicans of Niagara County (NCYGOP) held what they deemed “Raising of the Flags.”

Officers of the group collected money from 25 businesses on Oliver Street in North Tonawanda to purchase the beautiful, US made, embroidered American flags for the outside of their businesses for the holiday to honor America’s fallen heroes.

The event went off without a hitch.

It was a beautiful 80 degree day without a cloud in sight as 17 young members met up outside the North Tonawanda Post Office at noon and began raising the first flag of the day outside of Hurtubise Tire.

The Young Republicans visited 26 businesses in between Hurtubise Tire and the last storefront finishing the day off at Matt’s Music where the 26th and final flag was raised for Memorial Day.

Executive Vice President Joe Marranca stated, “we can never repay those who gave all. We are out here to show that our generation respects and loves our nation and military. I’m thankful for all those who came out to help make an All-American city like NT, all American again.”

Special thanks to North Tonawanda City Clerk and Treasurer Dan Quinn and First Ward Alderman Bob Pecoraro who backed this project in full, it would not have been possible without their help.

Also, special thanks to Sam Marranca, the organizations photographer for the wonderful pictures and to the organizations Chief Vice President, Jacob Quinn, for proposing the idea for this event.

Lastly, we would like to thank the Oliver Street businesses who purchased flags.



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