News & Notes: North Tonawanda July 10th Common Council Meeting

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

The night began with North Tonawanda Police Chief Roger Zgolak giving city leaders an update on the status of having a school resource officer at North Tonawanda High School.


NT Police Chief Roger Zgolak


“Several officers have already applied for the position,” said Cheif Zgolak, “and interviews start next week.”

Chief Zgolak would ideally like to have two resource officers at the school: one as the main school resource officer and the other as a backup in case of emergencies.

Ideally, he would also like this officer to have his own office with a computer.

The question that remained was who exactly would pay for it.

Some money has already been allocated through grants, but for benefits like health insurance, and possible overtime, the costs could sky-rocket.

It left many members of the common council wondering whether the remaining money should come from the city or the school district.

With the grant money only being allocated for the first year, the future of the initiative remains up in the air. Officials would have to come up with a proposal for funding the position(s). 

“The whole program right now is just year to year until we know if the funding is available, “said Mayor Art Pappas.

Chief Zgolak says he would also like to see the school resource officer have a designated parking spot in the front of the school to act as a deterrent for students thinking of causing trouble.

There is still many more details to be worked out regarding the position and it is likely to be a common topic of discussion as the school year gets closer.

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