Mayor Restaino’s ‘Generous’ Tax Cut: Smoke and Mirrors in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, NY – Mayor Robert M. Restaino, just in time for the election, has announced a modest decrease in residential property tax rates.

Yet, since his inauguration in 2020, the city has been plagued with soaring crime rates and rising taxes.

First, let’s dissect his “generous” tax cut.

Although he might be parading a slight reduction in residential tax this year, overall, since he took office, homeowners have experienced a 4.5% increase in property taxes.

On the business front? A whopping 7.2% hike. So much for the “decrease.”

Speaking of businesses, Restaino seems to have a knack for driving them away. While homeowners might be excited about a minor tax cut, businesses are bearing the brunt of his latest “innovation,” with a record gap increase between homestead and non-homestead tax rates.

But wait, there’s more! His glorious Centennial Park plan, a supposed testament to his legacy, requires massive tax revenue.

You’d think, if he’s planning such a lavish park, he’d keep residential taxes stable to fund this ambitious endeavor. But, perhaps, in a classic magician’s misdirection, he’s reduced taxes to divert attention from the millions he’s shelling out on attorney fees for lawsuits associated with the park’s land.

Crime? Under Restaino’s leadership, the pothole riddles streets of Niagara Falls have turned into war zones. Yet, he seems preoccupied, perhaps daydreaming of the applause he’ll receive when Centennial Park is unveiled, while the average residents have nightmares of burglaries and muggings.

Thankfully, his opponent this year is former Deputy Police Chief Carl Cain, who is offering to bring some sanity to the office and some safety to the city’s crime-ridden streets.

All in all, while the Mayor celebrates his “gift” to homeowners, residents are left making calculations about whether the minuscule savings from this year’s tax cut will cover the cost of the down payment on a home security system and bars on their windows.

Watch the following video to see what Restaino thinks about the job he is doing. [not sirens in the background]

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