Love Canal Legacy? Toxic Waste Signs at North Tonawanda Home

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

A North Tonawanda home, located at 1635 Nash Road, is trying to send a clear message to anyone thinking about moving into NT. . . “STAY AWAY.”

Todd Carson was the owner of the house which is now empty and in foreclosure.

He says the home tested positive for toxins because of its close proximity to an area landfill. 

Decades ago, waste from the famous, or infamous, Love Canal was dumped in North Tonawanda. Although it has since been removed, that does not mean the problem has gone away.

Carson, along with several residents, are suing the Town of Wheatfield and the company that dumped the waste near their homes.

The NYCDEC says it tested homes in the area and only very small amounts of toxins were found. However, it was not disclosed whether these samples were surface level, which would show lower levels of contamination, or deep soil samples which would give a better idea of what contamination there actually may be.

Carson is leaving North Tonawanda for Texas, but says he plans on leaving the signs on his yard.






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