Loncar Seeks Common Council Seat in North Tonawanda

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By: Joe Loncar

Hello North Tonawanda residents.  My name is Joe Loncar, and I would like to formally announce my candidacy for Alderman-at-Large. My beautiful wife Kristin and I are life-long residents of North Tonawanda and met while attending North Tonawanda High School. We married shortly after my graduation from Buffalo State College in 2008 and decided there is no better place to lay down roots and raise our now six children than this wonderful city.

My world revolves around my children. As they grow, their futures will be greatly impacted by the community in which they are raised. For this reason, it is imperative that our city continues to move in a positive direction and build upon the economic, cultural and industrial growth that we have experienced in recent years. I believe that the primary role of Alderman is to be a representative of our residents and their best interests. On any issue, be it infrastructure, fiscal responsibility, community safety or recreation I will be available to and an advocate for the residents. I understand that as Alderman, it is expected that I be a liaison between the residents and the various city offices and I am committed to fulfilling that role.

Elected officials are expected to serve as leaders of our community. North Tonawanda is a hard-working, blue collar city and it should be represented by hard working blue collar individuals who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.

Over a decade ago, I began my career at Sumitomo Rubber (F.K.A. Goodyear Dunlop Tires) where I now serve in a managerial role. Through my experience at Sumitomo, raising six children and having played baseball at a collegiate level, I have developed an unmatched work ethic and strong leadership skills. If given the opportunity, I fully intend to apply the same level of hard work and dedication to the role of Alderman-at -large as I have to every other aspect of my life.

I believe in fiscal responsibility. I believe it is imperative that we continue to develop our city and make it as attractive an environment as possible for businesses.  I also understand the need to balance economic interests and environmental interests.  North Tonawanda is blessed with a beautiful waterfront and incredible greenspace that it is important to preserve.

In the coming months, my goal is to meet and get to know as many residents as possible. I intend on listening to your opinions, questions and concerns, and take them into careful consideration when making any city decision if I am fortunate enough to obtain the Alderman-at-Large seat. I hope that the residents of North Tonawanda recognize my authenticity and genuine love for this great city. It would be my sincere honor and privilege to serve as North Tonawanda’s next Alderman-at-Large.


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