Live ‘High on the Hog’ at Sticky Face BBQ

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

Almost two weeks after opening their doors, ‘Sticky Face BBQ’ in North Tonawanda has the City clamoring for delicious BBQ.

Located at the former Granny’s Restaurant, 297 Oliver Street, “Sticky Face BBQ’ is a dream come true for owner Steven Mineo who, after working in the restaurant industry for more than ten years, decided to open a place of own.

It/’s a dream come true for barbecue lovers also. The new restaurant is becoming famous for its slow cooked and tender ribs, chicken, pulled pork and much more.

Come in and try a sample and let your taste buds be amazed.

Although this is his first time specializing in BBQ on a commercial basis, Mineo has had a lifelong passion for the unique and wonderful way of preparing meats – slowly and delicately to bring out the best of the flavor.

This is the way meat is supposed to be prepared.

But what’s a BBQ joint without great sauce and the right kind of rub?

At Sticky Face, Mineo serves customers meats prepared with his own special rub.

It’s so good that some people don’t even use BBQ sauce – because the meat is so flavorful and tender.

“The recipe for this rub is something I worked on for years,” said Mineo. “Constantly tinkering and adjusting it ever so slightly and now I have perfected it. I hope the people of North Tonawanda fall in love with it as I have.”

Mineo says there is a need for authentic BBQ in North Tonawanda, and across all of Western NY.

Mineo said. “Yeah there might be a lot of places that say they feature BBQ, but they are very Americanized and inconsistent. The true method is slow wood cooking, with low heat carefully smoking the food to get that rich unmistakable taste.”

Sticky Face BBQ also serves southern breakfast on weekends which includes biscuits and gravy or duck and waffles. [Yes you read that last one right].

The menu includes something for everyone  and a few things that most people who live north of the Mason Dixon have never seen before.

“One thing no one else has in Western New York is beef back ribs, delicious and tender and nourishing” said Mineo. “We also do beef the best most tender beef brisket, juicy pork ribs, succulent rib-eye steaks, and an array of specialty dishes that you won’t normally see in a BBQ joint such as shark steak, lasagna and even a portabella sandwich with onions mushrooms and cheese for vegetarians.”

The pork is so tender and juicy it seems to say “oink, oink’ right in your mouth.

Live high on the hog – at Sticky Face.

You won’t regret a visit and help support this brand new business in North Tonawanda.

Hours are:

WednesdayFriday: 3pm – 9pm

SaturdaySunday: 9am – 2pm // 3pm – 9pm

Monday – Tuesday: CLOSED

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