Hillary…Benghazi…The Saudi Connection

by J. Gary Dilaura

Several good investigative reporters have researched and identified many details regarding Hillary Clinton’s activities before, during and after her reign of terror as Secretary of State. None have done as good a job “putting together “ the details as a young man named  Chetan Hebbale, from the University of Georgia whose investigative report can be found on line.

This article contains information from Mr. Hebbale, as well as facts obtained from many other sources. ALL of the information reported here is available to the public but NOT REPORTED by, the main stream media! For example, you have never heard that wealthy Sunni SAUDI ARABIA Nationals (similar to Osama Bin Laden) organized and financed the raid on our Benghazi embassy. The main stream media knew it and chose NOT to mention anything!

This is a portion of one of four emails that Guccifer hacked and released. All four are online in their original format. Hillary either deleted THIS email or it is one of the 22 emails the State Dept has declared too confidential to release! All four were transmitted via/over, to her unauthorized, unsecured, illegal email from a person with no security clearance, Syd Blumenthal, a long time friend confidant of the Clintons and employee of the Clinton Foundation! This email was hacked and released, in March 2013, by Guccifer, to Russia:

“Algerians are keeping information received from the French DGSE confidential. According to the source, this information concerned the funding of the MBM operation and a possible link to the Ansar al Sharia attack on the United States Consulate in Benghazi Libya on September 11, 2012, during which the U.S. Ambassador was killed. This individual adds that this information provided by the French service indicates that the funding for both attacks originated with wealthy Sunni Islamists in Saudi Arabia. During July and August 2012 these financiers provided funds to AQIM contacts in Southern Europe, who in turn passed the money onto AQIM operatives in Mauritania. These funds were eventually provided to Ansar al Sharia and its allied militias in the Benghazi region in support of their attack on the U.S. consulate. The money was used to recruit operatives and purchase ammunitions and supplies.”

If this email is authentic and I have every reason to believe it is (if it isn’t then Guccifer duped the Russians AND the FBI) then the next question is when did Hillary learn that Saudi Nationals were organizing and funding the raid on Benghazi? These 4 emails were on line when I last checked.  Guccifer hacked Blumenthal’s AOL account in March 2013, the email in question was sent from Blumenthal to Hillary on 2-16-13. Blumenthal and Hillary had numerous communications back and forth DURING the Benghazi raid!  So when did Clinton know that Saudi Arabia was behind the attacks? She certainly knows now but I haven’t heard her address this, have you? When did she tell the State Department ? She destroyed the Benghazi email because this hacked email is the only existing copy and she never turned that one over! What about the President? I wonder if Hillary filled him in. If I were him I would say “Gee…I never heard of anyone named Hillary”. It’s game over if he knew ANYTIME between then and now and hid it! This is so unbelievable that I ALMOST can’t believe it myself and find myself checking and double checking my sources but we will know for “absolute true” when the FBI moves to Indict, BUT THE INFO IS OVERWHELMING FOR SURE!

These emails refer to wealthy, Sunni, Islamic Muslims in Saudi Arabia but do not state that the “Saudi government” is responsible, HOWEVER, Saudi Arabia is mostly Sunni Muslims and they are RULED by a Saudi KING under STRICT Islamic SHARIA law. I do not believe for an instant that any Saudi Muslim would be stupid enough to plan, organize and finance an attack on ANY American target without the Saudi King’s approval! That would be suicide! In my opinion Saudi Arabia is /was involved in BOTH  9/11 deadly attacks on America!! If there is one thing I learned after almost 30 years in law enforcement as an investigator is, “too many coincidences make a fact”!

According to  information  available to the public on Bryan Pagliano, the Clinton Aid who set up the email and server, Pagliano’s testimony  blew the top off the State Department, meaning that thanks to Hillary, virtually everybody on her staff is in it up to their necks, are culpable and are likely to be indicted as well. It’s easy to see how corruption corrupts, isn’t it?  From an FBI point of view, this is great news because it gives the FBI GREAT leverage to deal. If ANY of her aids face …let’s say Treason, which is a CAPITAL CRIME PUNISHABLE BY DEATH, what do you think her aids will do …hmmm? First one in gets the deal!

Here are some acts that Mr. Hebbale points out…  Four emails were hacked and released to the Russians. Hillary reported the first, second and third to State thus proving Hillary believed Blumenthal’s information was valuable. The fourth email, which describes the Saudi connection and was sent by Blumenthal to Hillary Feb 16, 2013, was NOT turned over to State by Hillary, so the only “copy” is the hacked/leaked copy! Hillary stepped down as Secretary Feb 1, 2013. She may claim that the fourth was not a work product!

Fact that I point out… the oaths that Hillary took, attach for life and it doesn’t make any difference when she received Secret Info, she is bound to protect it for life!

Also, if you think “she was ONLY the Secretary of State, what could she do”. Fact… there are only 10 people in our government with the Highest Classified Info rating and the Secretary of State is one of them, as is the President, AND in our form of government, in my opinion, the Secretary of State is the 2nd most powerful Government Official ( in the world)  the first is President of the United States! The Vice President has only one Constitutional authority and that is to preside over the Senate and cast tie breaking votes! The Secretary is a member of the President’s Cabinet and is charged with many important duties including carrying out the Nation’s foreign policy!

I say again, Hillary “Rotten” Clinton will not run for President! She will be in Federal Prison where she belongs!! Next week… unless the Indictment breaks…I’ll report on Hobbs Act violations I believe Hillary committed by using her official position to solicit money for the Clinton Foundation.

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