Health Fair Event in North Tonawanda

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

It was a day for people to get healthy! At the North Tonawanda Intermediate School people of all ages gathered to lace up and take part in their annual 5k walk and run. 

Organizers have been holding the event for the past 7 years. For them it is a chance to educate kids about the importance of being healthy.

“It is really done as a community event,” said Sue Evarts, School Councilor.” This year we probably have about 200 runners and then another 75 to 100 non-runners who do about a mile.”

For residents it was $5 to take part in the event and $10 for non-residents. Officials say no money is made on the event. It is a lesson in health that is learned both inside and outside of the classroom.

“At our Middle School a lot of the physical education teachers will give extra credit to the students who participate, and for residents a lot of people in North Tonawanda love this event and are coming back year after year,” said Evarts.

From experienced runners to those who are just starting out, the event is open to everyone. Helping to get more people excited about running and setting personal fitness goals.

“I think they get excited to think – wow – I ran a 5k, and I ran 3 miles, so I think a lot of the kids really get excited about that,” said Evarts.

For school officials it is a one day event that they hope will instill healthy habit in students, long after today’s event is over.


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