Grandinetti’s Cat Plan Could Apply to Her

Ali Hansen, Niagara Falls Guest View

In reading about Council member Kristen Grandinetti’s boneheaded idea about fining or jailing people who are taking humane steps to manage the area’s feral cat population, I couldn’t help but think that it’s too bad we can’t trap, spay and release Grandinetti somewhere other than Niagara Falls. That way she won’t be such a nuisance to her neighbors. And by the way, if anybody bothers to keep feeding her, be sure to slap them with a fine and throw them in jail.

Seriously though, Grandinetti needs to look at root causes here. Feral cat populations tend to grow in communities where there are lots of abandoned factories, empty houses and boarded up storefronts. The business-killing City policies Grandinetti is always so eager to support are largely responsible for creating the garbage-laden, rat-infested environments that attract the feral cats. Maybe if she’d stop texting during public meetings and tune-in once in a while, she’d know that.

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