Gosy’s Patients Doing Well Under New Arrangement

By Tony Farina;

“The 9,500 patients of indicted pain doctor Eugene Gosy are being well treated,” says Joel Daniels, the attorney who represents Gosy who is accused in a federal indictment of issuing over 300,000 illegal painkiller prescriptions over four years.

Under a new arrangement, Dr. James Hitt, a pain management specialist who formerly worked at Roswell Park and the Veterans Administration hospital, is the medical director at the Williamsville offices of Gosy & Associates Pain Treatment Center, and Dr. Gosy is there every day.

Daniels said that everything is working out well at the pain center for patients who in many cases were sent into a panic after Dr. Gosy’s indictment last April that briefly left dependent patients with no help in dealing with their pain.

“Under the ruling last June by U. S. Magistrate H. Kenneth Schroeder,” said Daniels, “Dr. Gosy was allowed to return to his practice, and while he can’t issue any prescriptions, he can consult with other doctors on the medical needs of patients while under the supervision of Dr. Hitt.”

According to Daniels, Dr. Gosy is there every day seeing patients and the business is going quite well, under the circumstances approved by Magistrate Schroeder in modifying Dr. Gosy’s bail conditions.

While it is a temporary arrangement at this point, Daniels said it is working and that’s what’s important given the critical need to deal with the growing problem of opiod addiction which has seen serious increases in overdoses and even worse, many deaths.

Dr. Gosy still faces charges related to the federal indictment but Daniels believes that eventually evidence will show that all scripts written for Dr. Gosy’s patients were for legitimate medical purposes.

Daniels has said that he’s confident that, after hearing all of the evidence, a jury will agree that Dr. Gosy did nothing wrong.  In the meantime, the case is going through the discovery process where lawyers for the government and Dr. Gosy make certain requests related to the alleged criminal activity, and Daniels said that process could take some time.

Daniels said under Dr. Hitt’s medical supervision, the Gosy Pain Center is treating patients and, with Dr. Gosy’s help, is able to provide the pain relief patients so badly need and were temporarily without after Dr. Gosy’s indictment.





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