Followers State: Keith Raniere ‘doing’ Bronfmans


The March 24, 20http://southbuffalonews.com5 recorded conversation between Kristin Keeffe and Barbara Bouchey, two inner circle members of Keith Raniere’s love cult, has many candid observations.

Two otherwise intelligent women who lost years of their lives under the thralldom of Raniere, make some fascinating statements when they in essence compare notes.

Here are some snippets about Clare and Sara Bronfman and of course Raniere:

 Kristin: Clare (is) on the hook again for doing another criminal act.

Barbara: Oh my god. You know, Kristin there aren’t many people that I really, really get a bad feeling about as a person, but I always did from day one for the five years I was around her (Clare). It never changed, I always thought this girl is mean.

Kristin: She’s dark hearted.

Barbara: Yeah, she’s dark hearted. I mean, you could see that. Wow. Unbelievable. I’m assuming Keith is having a relationship with her?

Kristin: Yes.

Barbara: Now, when did he start that with her?

Kristin: I think in recent years.

Barbara: Yeah. Oh my god. Do you know that Svetlana told me that she thought Sara had for a brief time a relationship with Keith?

Kristin: Sarah Peters or Sara Bronfman?

Barbara: Bronfman…..Svetlana (Kotlin, another woman who says she was abused by Raniere) said there were a number of occasions that she dropped Sara off at a hotel that Keith was at waiting for her. And, she also said she was in Sara’s apartment in New York City for a five day and that Svetlana said she was nosey. And, that there was a love poem written to Keith and she says it wasn’t like this is my father. It was a lovesick love poem. So Svetlana really felt that they, you know.

Kristin: That would have been after Edgar Boone and before Lama Tenzin.

Barbara: Yes, and before she had gotten the town house because when she was up here, she didn’t have the townhouse yet.

Kristin: Right, because that’s why they would meet at a hotel.

Barbara: I know. Anyway. Okay, so let’s see, Clare’s been a naughty girl.

Kristin: Yeah, Clare is on the hook for all the fraud involving the computer trespass, and all the fraud involving the Canaprobe….

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