Family & Friends Rallying for Girl Set on Fire at Tim Hortons

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By: Brendan McDonough

A 25-year-old Tonawanda mother 3 is fighting for her life after being set on fire by her ex-boyfriend.  Monday afternoon, Jessica Cameron reportedly got a text from her ex, for her to come outside her work, at the Tim Horton’s on the corner of Niagara and Seymour Streets. That’s when it happened, with her ex throwing gasoline on her and then setting the young woman on fire. Workers says a maintenance man had to put out the flames.

“I can tell you, no one saw it coming because he knew what her family was going through, my manager said it perfectly, this is something you see in a movie,” said Katie Schunk, Manager.

A go fund me page has been set up and inside the store, donation boxes and picture of Jessica are all over the store.

The donations and community support have been pouring in, with people coming by during the morning hours and late at night to help.

“A guy came to the door at 10pm and we were closed and said I can’t get a cup of coffee and then handed me a 50-dollar bill, as a donation, “said Schunk.

From money to clothing, even a wig has been among some of the donations coming in.

“Christmas is not going to be the same for a lot of us knowing where she stands for Christmas this year. Today service dogs came, I have been working with a woman who actually dropped off presents the night before and offered a wig as well, that is made from 100% human hair,” said Schunk.

As Jessica struggles in the hospital, she has been medically induced into a coma, her co workers back at Tim Horton’s also try to recover. They were not just people who worked together they were friends and family to one another.

 “It has been devastating more than anything for the people that were here and did see it. A lot of the employees will not even go out near the dumpster, I do not blame them. It has been a tragedy to our friend, family, someone that we loved. She lit up this store and to have something like this happen is devastating,” said Schunk.

Schunk says she plans to visit her friend in the hospital and while, they know she can not speak or know they are at there, the presence of friendship is felt.

“She is aware when we come and see her, her little heart rate goes up, I am really excited to see her and see her heart rate go up, because she knows and feels us, a lot of people are saying her spirit is still there even though she is asleep,” said Schunk.

If you would like to help out you can stop by the store and donate, or go to several go-fund me pages that have been set up.

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