Congratulations America! We Are Going To Win Our Country Back!!

by J. Gary Dilaura

Congratulations Donald Trump on doing what you have done before. You did the impossible this time and are now the presumptive Republican Candidate for President of the United States of America!

I began calling for the support of Mr. Trump in the Niagara Falls Reporter in September of 2015 but actually hoped he would run in 2012. I am convinced Donald Trump will win decisively in the 2016 elections and still believe that the Democrat candidate will NOT be Hillary “Rotten” Clinton. She will, in my opinion, be disqualified from public office by her failure to abide by the United States Laws on Confidentiality.

Later, with a REAL Attorney General… Hillary will be indicted for TREASON!

It doesn’t matter who the Democrat Party substitutes for president, Trump will win decisively because we the people want our country, our Constitution and our Rule of Law BACK! We want all religions treated fair and not submit to any ideology that calls for death to anyone. We want a military that North Korea wouldn’t dare play war games near nor would they threaten to detonate a nuclear devise over our country to kill our electric grid.

We want our borders back! And our laws enforced!

We want Iran PUNISHED every time they launch a terror attack against us or any of our allies.

We want to see nuclear, natural gas, coal, oil, and wind power plants being built in all 50 states with Made In America materials and US citizens. We want our power grid rebuilt and made bullet proof. We want to see “Made In America” on reasonably priced goods in Walmart, Home Depot and Target again!

We want this NON Christian insanity STOPPED! Believe what you want and how you want but do it peacefully without threatening anyone and without favoritism to anyone but remember we are a Christian Nation based upon Christian principles!

In God We Trust!

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