Common Council Seeks to Slow Down Drivers in North Tonawanda

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

People across North Tonawanda could soon be driving a little slower. Members of the Common Council put forth a motion to reduce the speed between Tremont and Goundry Streets to 25 MPH, the current speed is 30MPH. However, due to current traffic safety laws, they cannot lower the speed to anything under 30MPH.

City leaders wanted to reduce the speed because of all of the business and people that travel along Webster Street. The only way to change the speed would be to comply with all the traffic safety codes and laws.

“We, as a traffic committee, thought it would be a good idea to drop the speed down to 20MPH just because of the all the business there,” said Rob Frank, Traffic Safety Board.

In the end what was decided was not to change the speed limit but to have a recommended speed limit of 20MPH on the curbs.

“It is just a recommended speed,” said Frank, “it does not actually change anything. So that is what we think now might be the best remedy.”

It’s not something the City will be able to issue tickets on, but officials are hoping the existence of new signs will slow people down.

“I like the warning sign idea,” said City Attorney Luke Brown. “At least it raises awareness and people are going to see it and say okay this is an area that I need to be cautious at.”

Webster Street is quickly becoming one of the busiest areas in the City, and, while most people really can not drive that fast because of the crosswalk and other stop signs, they are hoping this latest move will be one additional step to make the area a little safer.

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