City of Niagara Falls Receives $300,000 National Grid Grant for Remediation Efforts at 3625 Highland Avenue

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Today Mayor Paul A. Dyster announced that the City of Niagara Falls received $300,000 in grant funding toward recently completed
cleanup efforts at 3625 Highland Avenue through National Grid’s Economic Development program. The funds were used to assist to redevelopment a 5.5
acre site in a New York State designated Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) in the Highland Avenue corridor.
The City of Niagara Falls‘ Urban Renewal Agency designated Sandstone Springs, LLC as a qualified developer for 3625 Highland Avenue. Sandstone is
currently leasing 3625 Highland Avenue from the Agency for three years with an option to renew for three years. The lease and renewal option contain
an option to purchase. The company already employs 15 people with plans to expand and grow into the site.
Funding announced today will reimburse casino revenues used as part of the city’s clean up efforts in order to transform the site into a prosperous,
economically diverse location that has already attracted new investment and employment opportunities.
Mayor Dyster said,“The City of Niagara Falls continues to experience increased investment not seen in many years and today’s announcement is no
exception. The $300,000 in funding made possible through National Grid will go a long way in our continued efforts not only to remediate and revitalize
3625 Highland, but to create and attract jobs right here in the City of Niagara Falls for years to come.”
Dan Keating, National Grid Customer and Community Manager said,“The continued revitalization of Niagara Falls has been exciting to be a part of.
National Grid is proud to partner with the City of Niagara Falls in the development of the Highland Ave corridor. Our economic development grant will
help spur business attraction and create jobs in Niagara Falls.”
Clean up efforts to make the site market ready include the stabilization and upgrading of buildings and grounds and removal of asbestos. A full build out
of the site by Sandstone Springs is projected to create additional jobs.


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