IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: September 25th Common Council Workshop News & Notes

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

Twin Cities Memorial Highway is one of the busiest roads in North Tonawanda and city officials say it is also one of the most dangerous.

People are either going too fast or too slow and, what’s worse, they say, is that people routinely try and drag race one another.

City Engineer Dale Marshall presented a traffic study he did of the area. On one of the days workers were filming they even saw a vehicle hit one of the yield signs.

To address the issue, Marshall proposed the removal of two of the yield signs on Division Street and replace them with LED, flashing stop signs. The cost is about $600.

“There are two types of drivers on Division Street: there are the scaredy-cats and there is the normal aggressive driver,” said Marshall.

“We are looking at doing stop signs with LED and solar. The signs will warn them and we need to get the police out there too.”

There is a 15-second delay at the stop light but they say people are still not yielding. They had asked the state to program it to 20-seconds but city leaders say people still do not follow the rules of the road.

“There is not one person in this room that is going to say they have not been in a near accident coming off the Twin Cities and those people not yielding,” said Bob Pecoraro, Councilman-At- Large.

Marshall says there is no need to have a highway in North Tonawanda. In fact, he says the long-term plan would be to remove it all together.

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