Anthony Swan & Simon Griskonis Honored at North Tonawanda City Hall

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By: Staff Reporter

Anthony Swan and Simon Griskonis, two members of the North Tonawanda wrestling team, were honored for stepping in and breaking up an attack that was unfolding on July 1st, 2020. 

According to witnesses, both young men ran to the victim’s aid after she was being beaten, kicked, punched, and slapped by at least three other teenage girls. Many believe that her injuries would have been worse but for the actions of these heroic boys. 

Mayor Pappas heralded the boys for making the right decision. 



“You had a rough year with school not being open,” said Pappas. “A lot of tests were not given this year, but you guys were tested probably without realizing it a few weeks ago. On this particular test, you both passed with flying colors.” 

District Attorney Caroline Wojtaszek stated, “we all hope and pray, as parents, that our children will make the right choice when the time comes. These two boys did the right thing when the time came. In the District Attorney’s Office we see horrible things, but on the flip side we see the best of humanity as well.”

Swan and Griskonis received awards of merit from the North Tonawanda Police Department, distinguished service awards from the District Attorney’s Office, and a proclamation from the City of North Tonawanda. 


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