Animal Rescue Groups Get a Boost from North Tonawanda Fundraiser

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

At the Sikora Post on Payne Avenue dozens of people came out to attend an event dedicated to helping animals that need it most.

Jackie Scalize, who organized the events, says money raised with help support rescue groups like Buddy’s Second Chance Rescue and Buffalo Pug. All of the money raised will help the rescue groups. This year’s goal was $10,000, which she is hopeful they are able to raise

For Salize, it’s all about being kind and helping animals in need.

“The easiest thing to give is kindness because it’s free,” she said. “When you have an event and it is for a good cause and people know that you are a good person, people will come together.”



More than 100 baskets were donated for people to bid on. They included everything from baskets with coffee to candles. For Scalize animal abuse is a problem she sees every day and is something that can be stopped by one person and one step at a time.

“Buffalo Pug just brought in a dog that was puppy mill released and the collar was embedded so bad into the dog’s neck that it had to be removed by surgery,” said Scalize.

Money raised from the event will also help dogs and other animals in Puerto Rico. The rescue there is called “Save a Sato”. She says since Hurricane Maria, the living conditions for animals has gotten worse and that it’s time to help out.

“If anyone knows anything about Puerto Rico, the animals run around there like birds do here. It’s been over a year since Hurricane Maria and they still have tarps for roofs. The animals in Puerto Rico are suffering and if you cannot afford to feed your own family, the first thing to go is a pet. The pets before were just running rampant and now it is even worse,” said Scalize.

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