THE ACTION: Anchor Bar Murder Victim’s Mother Thanks Niagara Falls Police for their Role in Providing Justice

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Story from WBFO:

The man convicted for his role in the May 2016 shooting death of Freddie Dizon inside the Anchor Bar was sentenced Tuesday to 20 years for life in prison. Gregory Ramos showed no emotion as he learned his fate for serving as the getaway driver in that murder, WBFO’s Michael Mroziak reports.

Dizon was gunned down as he worked in the kitchen of the Buffalo establishment. The gunman, Jorge Suarez, was convicted in December 2017 of second-degree murder and was later sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. Ramos, who was convicted in May of second-degree murder, was additionally sentenced Tuesday morning to a five-year concurrent prison term for a weapons possession count.


Gregory Ramos, with attorney Brian Parker at his side, awaited sentencing Tuesday morning in State Supreme Court for his role in the May 2016 shooting death of Freddie Dizon inside the Anchor Bar in Buffalo. Ramos was convicted of second-degree murder in May for participating as the getaway car driver.

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn welcomed the sentence imposed by State Supreme Court Justice Christopher Burns, noting that Ramos was additionally in legal trouble for a domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend the same night of the murder, as well as a federal drug and gun charge in Niagara Falls for which he awaits sentencing.

“I’m obviously very pleased that he got 20 years to life here,” Flynn said. “Hopefully he spends his life in jail and the feds are going to put him in jail, too, for the gun and drug charge. Obviously, he’s an individual who deserved to be off the streets, not only for this crime but for his criminal behavior in general.”

Prosecutors told Judge Burns that Ramos participated in a crime which victimized not only Dizon and his family but also the patrons who fled in terror that Friday evening as well as the co-workers who watched their colleague die.

Dizon’s mother, Herminia “Amy” Gonzalez, offered a brief statement in court, saying she cannot forgive Ramos for his part in her son’s death. Outside the courtroom, she thanked Buffalo and Niagara Falls police for their roles in bringing him to justice, while speaking of the family’s continuing pain.

“It’s been pretty hard for me and my kids and my family,” she said outside the courtroom. “Me and my daughter also work at the Anchor Bar. My son had ten years, I got 18 years at the Anchor Bar. They’re a second family to us.”

Ramos declined to speak when offered the opportunity by Judge Burns but, as he was led out, responded to a family member’s call of “I love you” with “you too.”

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