We could be wrong, but is that an immigrant or Mayor Dyster?

By Frank Parlato;

Our esteemed colleague James Hufnagel has taken the time to address a serious issue in this edition – a New York State taxpayer-funded brochure promoting Andrew Cuomo, who is presently governor of New York State.

The brochure entitled “NEW YORK STATE EXCELSIOR EVER UPWARD – Advancing the New York Promise” is an excellent piece of campaign literature and it does not, of course, fail to have – like any good campaign piece, the name of the candidate in large letters right on the front of it — “Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor”.

Here is a man you will want to vote for. He is fiscally prudent. He has crafted an excellent flier to promote himself and it didn’t cost him a dime either.

But that is not what prompted me to write. Hufnagel seems to think that one of about 100 small images on the back of the brochure is a picture of Mayor Paul Dyster.

I’m not so sure. That may not be Dyster. It does look very much like him. But based on the poem on the image – – about America welcoming immigrants – it doesn’t seem to fit.



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A charming taxpayer-funded campaign flier for Gov . Andrew Cuomo may or may not feature a picture of Paul Dyster.

Not that Paul Dyster wouldn’t grace this beautiful Cuomo campaign literature piece so slickly disguised as a state informational brochure about the gains and the glories of New York State and its social justice values, a brochure, which by the grace of God, Cuomo – whose name is on every page (as the man who has brought social justice to New York) has kindly allowed state taxpayers to pay for.

(This will leave that much more money in his own campaign fund which is always being replenished by developers and businessmen who Cuomo rewards at a ratio of $1000 to $1. You donate $1,000 to Cuomo, and you get $1 million worth of taxpayer subsidies in return).

But we’re talking about Dyster. Is it him in the picture?

The yellow post-it that looks like it is stuck to the images of the ‘immigrants’ is from the poem “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus, and often quoted as the Statue of Liberty poem.

To it we must go to determine if this is really Paul Dyster.



In a sense this is better than ‘Where’s Waldo?’ But is that Paul Dyster?


Comparisons are odious but Waldo is a lot more amusing than Gov. Cuomo or Mayor Dyster.

blown up dyster

It is a sad and terrible thing to look like somebody else, but is this somebody else or :Paul Dyster displayed on a state brochure which is really nothing more than a shameless piece of campaign literature for Gov. Andrew Cuomo.


“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

As Hufnagel points out, or should have pointed out, Paul Dyster is a scion of an affluent patriarchy.

He was not born poor or homeless, not obscure, not one of the huddled masses, or in need of a lighted lamp at the golden door (except sometimes when he came from some staggeringly tough-fought beer judging contest and had some little difficulty finding his way to the door).

Mr. Hufnagel proclaims on scanty evidence other than an eerie resemblance that “Mayor Dyster occupies a square of honor in Gov. Cuomo’s map of immigrant faces.”

Mayor Dyster certainly does not resemble the poor immigrant.

But then the lamp at the golden door turned on for me.

Of course that is Mayor Dyster.

The poet is seeking tired, poor, huddled masses, homeless, tempest-tost.

It is not what Dyster is, it is what he has done?

With high crime, poor roads, and the enormous encouragement of developer-driven subsidized housing, sex offender relocations to boost population, and the growth of the poverty industry here, his city is seeking the poor.

With the highest property taxes in the state, he has made a lot of people homeless, while giving away taxpayer millions to rich developers (you get campaign contributions for that). And car-less too – for the roads are an abomination (yet we have millions for an empty train station).

Having the highest crime rate in the state has helped crime victims become tempest-tost.

As his garbage plan, where the severely limited amount of refuse people are allowed to dispose of (while the cost to taxpayers has gone up compared to the old garbage plan) has made the back roads and alleyways filled with wretched refuse.

And in the final analysis, Paul Dyster has made us all tired hearing how great he says he has done.

Take a look around in this city – a city which ought to be rich – and you see how Paul Dyster is much like Andrew Cuomo – a self-serving big tax and spend wastrel – who takes care of his friends while his city/state crashes and burns.

Yes, I venture to say, the photo is indeed Paul Dyster, or should be.


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