The Right Side

By J Gary DiLaura

Let there be no doubt in ANYBODY’S mind, there is one and only one Chief Executive Officer and ONE Chief Law Enforcement Officer and that is the President of these United States.

He has access to more information than anyone else in the entire nation when it comes to making decisions; to protect, defend, and preserve this country and its citizens, period!

Neal  Katyal, the man who wrote the Special Prosecutor Regulations in 1999 under which Mueller was appointed, says, “The rules provide only so much protection: Congress, Trump and the Justice Department still have the power to stymie (or even terminate) Mueller’s inquiry”.

That means that President Trump can fire Mr. Mueller without Mr. Session’s, Mr. Rosenstein’s, Speaker Ryan’s or Senator McConnell’s permission or approval and, even…yes…even without Sen. Schumer, Ms. Pelosi or Ms. Waters permission, and HE SHOULD! There are several ways he can do it. For those who doubt, do your research!

There are two types of people… those who lead and those who follow… those who follow care what people say, and those who lead, don’t!

First of all, there is NO reason for there to be a Special Prosecutor to “investigate” because we have professional, paid investigators who do that. They are called agents. We have DEA agents, CIA agents, ATF agents, IRS agents, Secret Service agents and FBI agents. They are professional investigators who spend all their time investigating, interviewing people and getting them to provide information that many times they don’t want to provide. It takes years of experience and often some special skills and tactics to get people to talk and you NEVER, EVER, interview any subject in front of his lawyer, EVER!!! They interviewed Hillary in front of 5 lawyers and 1 witness! It is ALWAYS a self-serving “interview” that is ALWAYS counterproductive!

Lawyers do not investigate. They read books! Except for a few lawyers who became agents and worked as agents not attorneys, I never met a lawyer who was a good investigator. They interview people as if they were on a witness stand, they also do not understand how far you can go, when you have to tell them their rights and when you don’t. They won’t “lie” to a subject as they don’t think it’s right… even though it’s legal! They play by different rules. They do “Politically Correct” interviews (like Hillary’s FBI interview), not tough, criminal interviews! They make lousy investigators, period! I wouldn’t want an investigator to defend my case in court any more than I would want a lawyer to investigate it, to prove my innocence!

Mr. Mueller and Mr. Comey were NEVER investigators. It takes years of experience to develop into a really good investigator and interviewer.

Mr. Comey didn’t even know the FBI policy on what is necessary to open an FBI investigation! He told Rep Jason Chaffetz he needs a “referral” to open a case. That’s pure BS and NOT true!

Mr. Mueller is “credited” for “changing the FBI from a law enforcement agency into a counterintelligence agency”. That, people, is NOT a credit. Agents in the security program, didn’t do interviews, did not know the law, couldn’t find their own ass with their own two hands, took orders from State on everything they did and NEVER accomplished anything except take some good quality photos. The Criminal Division was livid in 1995 when they made the Oklahoma City bombing case a “Security” matter and allowed those agents to take the lead. Fortunately it was solved by forensics, an alert Oklahoma police officer, and a few criminal agents, so the “counterintelligence” division made little, if any, contribution!! I know because I worked the case, took McVeigh’s father to OK City and to the prison to interview Tim, spoke to many agents in OK City working the case AND the supervisor in OK City was my old friend from the NYO Br Squad, ADIC “Doc” Coulson.

Also, as with any Special Prosecutor, DOJ loses all control over the investigation as does the President. We voted for and elected Donald Trump to be the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the US to have control over his law enforcement agencies and investigations and not some lawyer who we never voted into office. I want the man we elected, who has access to ALL the intelligence info running things, and not some freaking politician who has a personal agenda to undermine our elected president! Anyone who agrees to investigate a “non criminal” act and pretends it’s criminal, hires Hillary Clinton, former employees, campaign contributors and friends, ignores the Russia-Clinton-Uranium–Clinton Foundation ties, is a POLITICIAN with an agenda and has NO business investigating ANYTHING!

President Trump should put the Special Prosecutor “on hold,” not fire him, until the president can decide whether we can afford it; whether there is probable cause (justification) to go forward; and if there is a “conflict” between the special prosecutor and witnesses! All well within the president’s authority and power!

Then, in a year or so, fire him!!!

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