White Women and the ‘Dic’hotomy of Donald Trump

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the U.S. Conference of Mayors 84th Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana United States, June 26, 2016. REUTERS/Chris Bergin - RTX2ICSM

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the U.S. Conference of Mayors 84th Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, June 26, 2016. REUTERS/Chris Bergin

By Carolette Meadows

Are white women schizophrenic?

The 2016 elections have provided more entertainment and dysfunction than a full season of ‘Empire.’ We had lies, emails, misogyny, violence, protests, xenophobia, homophobia, ridiculing the disabled, questioning bloodflow, pandering fear, stealing primaries, naked spouses, and the grabbing of defenseless felines.

With all the espionage and intrigue, how does this country house a “feminist” base, with the power of the National Organization for Women (NOW), and explain away how white women (ww) gave Trump 53% of their vote? WW in this country have garnered great political favor and that favor, may very well have been Hillary’s undoing.

You see, ww in the USA were only a notch above slaves. Like slaves, ww were not considered citizens of this country and, in fact, were property. During the 1850s ww lost out in the fight for rights when the Civil War began. After the war ended, the 14th Amendment ratified in 1868 and extended the Constitution’s protection to all citizens – but defines “citizens” as “male.” The 15th amendment ratified in 1870 and guaranteed Black men the right to vote. This had ww hot as the proverbial fish grease knowing that the men they could have castrated for simply looking them in the eye, now had more status in America and its politics.

In 1869 ww formed the National Woman Suffrage Association and the American Woman Suffrage Association. The NWSA refused to support the 15th Amendment and even allied with racist Southerners who argued that white women’s votes could be used to neutralize those cast by Blacks. In 1890, the two groups merged but it still took until 1920 to ratify the 19th Amendment which made ww citizens and cleared the way for feminism to take hold. WW, like Black Americans, have a Stockholm Syndrome-esque relationship with white men in this country. The very person that has killed, raped, tortured, and de-humanized us is the very person we constantly look to for love and acceptance which is possibly why Hillary was hung out to dry.

Hillary took for granted three demographics: blacks, hispanics, and women. Blacks, especially women, were as dependable as a Toyota and delivered their, always taken for granted, vote. Hispanics also showed up but, shockingly, delivered 26% of their vote to a man that vowed to deport their ethnic group en masse and “build a wall” for the Mexicans. The rationale for this might be due to the fact that America has exceptions to the “one drop” rule and those exceptions allow hispanics, middle easterners, and north africans to register as white and, in fact, forces many to be white against their will. We would also be remiss if we ignored the high number of hispanics who see the privilege of their “white” skin and shun their darker brethren. If those that control the governmental institution which you seek to be a part of, allows you to “be one of the boys,” it provides the illusion of privilege and that illusion may cause you to vote against your own self-interest or the interest of your ethnic group. WW, now there’s the shocker. They didn’t just fall down on the job, they rolled over and played dead!

WW coughed up a whopping 53% of votes in favor of a man that emulates everything white female feminism has fought against. Imagine an America where ww vote for a black man but shun one of their own. Could it be that ww saw voting for anyone other than a man as biting the hand that feeds them? After all, it’s men that gave them citizenship, it’s men that gave them the right to vote and it’s men that has allowed ww to THINK they’re equal by allowing them to work whatever job they choose. And, it was Black men who paved the road they traveled. While all this advancement is given, there is a simultaneous crippling of ww.

WW, in spite of their “strength,” ww are constantly and subconsciously reminded of how “weak” they are and that it is white men who will protect them. It’s no longer a noose nor a castration device that protects them but jail cells. Just as in days of old, ww are on display but the scene has changed from plantations to college campuses and bars. The crime has evolved from eye contact to an unwanted “touching” of various forms. But the punishment, the punishment remains the same. The offending man will be castrated. The castration is no longer physical but societal and ww cherish this newly found power they have over not only black men, but white ones.

When we put this whole voting debacle to a litmus test, should we really be surprised that ww opted for the thing they find repugnant? Hillary, no matter how qualified, has the same “equipment” as any other woman and is prone to the same “weaknesses” and women of all races are trained to covet strength. To seek out “providers,” in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for our offspring.

Trump played “weakness” beautifully. He said she didn’t “look well,” had “no stamina,” was too weak to take a stand against her whoremonger of husband, and all while yelling Mexicans we “rapists.” Who wants an unwell, lackluster woman, who thinks she can run a country of men when she can’t handle the one she has at home and who’s advocating for a ethnic group that may not only violate us but the president herself!

I can’t image the fracturing of self that occurs when you have the psychological dichotomy of voting for everything you claim to hate because you hate the part of yourself that causes you to not be equal and that causes you not be in the “boy’s club” – a penis.

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