We asked AI-driven ChatGPT, “What ails Niagara Falls?”

We asked the online computer program ChatGPT, a new AI (artificial intelligence) “chatbot” available on the internet, to report back on our fair city’s dire circumstances. This is the question we posed:

“What ails the city of Niagara Falls?”

Remember, what follows was not written by a human being.

We’ve submitted some advance queries to ChatGPT on a number of issues facing the city of Niagara Falls, and the responses were, in some cases, astounding in their insights and forthrightness, enough to make this a regular column here on our website for your reading pleasure.

Or you can create your own account on ChatGPT, submit a query and then cut and paste its response in a “Letter to our Editor.”

In the meantime, let this sink in.


The city of Niagara Falls, like many cities in the United States, faces a range of economic, social, and environmental challenges that have contributed to its decline over the years. Some of the key issues facing the city include:

  1. Economic Decline: The city has experienced a significant decline in its industrial base, leading to high levels of unemployment and limited economic opportunities for residents. Many businesses have closed or relocated, leaving vacant storefronts and a struggling downtown area.
  2. Poverty: The city has a high poverty rate, with many residents struggling to make ends meet. Poverty is often linked to a range of social and economic issues, including crime, poor health outcomes, and limited access to education and job opportunities.
  3. Crime: The city has one of the highest rates of property and violent crime in the state of New York. The high crime rate is often linked to poverty, social and economic instability, and a history of disinvestment and neglect.
  4. Environmental Issues: The city has struggled with environmental issues related to the nearby Love Canal toxic waste site and ongoing concerns about water quality and contamination. These issues have had a negative impact on the health and well-being of residents, as well as the city’s reputation as a tourist destination.
  5. Limited Investment: The city has struggled to attract significant investment from private businesses and government, limiting its ability to address these and other issues. This has resulted in a lack of resources and limited opportunities for economic and social development.

Overall, the city of Niagara Falls faces a range of complex and interconnected issues that require sustained effort and investment to address. While progress has been made in recent years, much work remains to be done to ensure a brighter future for the city and its residents.



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