Vilardo Vows to Cont. Delivering on Niagara Falls School Board

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By: Nick Vilardo

NF School Board Member

The accomplishments of a school district often go unnoticed as people go about their lives, especially for the majority of residents who do not have children in school.

While I understand people are busy, I would like to take just a moment to remind everyone there is an important election coming up on Tuesday, May 21, for the Niagara Falls Board of Education.

I am asking for your vote in this important election to allow me to return to the board where I have served for 15 years and continue the important work we are doing for our children.

Among the most notable accomplishments are improving student scores, building or improving athletic facilities at the high school and LaSalle Prep School, establishing and expanding schooling for three-year-olds, and implementing a program through which every student can get breakfast, lunch, and a healthy snack for free every day.

We have hired two superintendents during my tenure, reached agreements with bargaining units, and kept taxes pretty constant with only one rise in the levey since 1994.  We have been ahead of the curve on mental health training for adults and making health care available to students.

There are those who say we are doing too much to support students, but in our high poverty community, too many youngsters fall through the cracks.  If the school district doesn’t step in, who will?

We are currently implementing the capital work approved by voters called the Stewardship Project.  Among other things, this will repair the parking lot at Niagara Falls High School and provide air conditioning in elementary schools.

My interest in the school board as always been student safety and achievement and keeping taxes at current levels.  As a retired firefighter, I am a supporter of unions and am proud the district employees have the benefits of collective bargaining.  I also support residency to keep those salaries in our community and to help stabilize neighborhoods.

As the election draws near, I hope residents will carefully follow news about the school district and the board.  I am proud of what we have accomplished and I would be honored to continue to serve our residents and our children.  

We must all do our part as members of the community to support the team that matters most, the next generation.  I ask for your help in moving forward together to continue the work we are doing for our children.


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