Tonawanda Creek in Pendleton to Reopen to Two-way Traffic on Friday, August 28th

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By: Reporter Staff

Niagara County Legislator Tony Nemi announced today that work on Tonawanda Creek Road, between Irish Road and Campbell Boulevard, is finishing up and the road will reopen to two-way traffic this Friday, August 28.  The project is the last piece of the of the bi-county Tonawanda Creek slope stabilization and roadway reconstruction effort that also included projects in the towns of Lockport and Clarence that were completed earlier this year.

“This was a great partnership between Erie and Niagara counties and I thank the Niagara County Department of Public Works for taking the lead in getting all this work done on time and under budget,” said Nemi.  “I have said many times that Tonawanda Creek Road is no longer a winding country road along the creek, but rather a major connector used by school buses and commuters every day.  Pendleton is a growing community and we must invest in our infrastructure to keep up with that growth.”

The work is Pendleton was approximately 2.5 miles and cost $4.1M.  The first 0.7 mile at the Campbell Blvd end was milled and overlaid with two courses of asphalt. The remainder was reconstructed. The original concrete roadway was milled and then rubblized, to be used as subbase for the new roadway. The project included new closed and open drainage throughout and new guiderail, signs and striping.    The road has been closed to two-way traffic since April.


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