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By: Kenny Tompkins

Niagara Falls City Councilman

As many of you may have seen in various news stories, I was recently contacted by a neighbor of a disabled veteran that lives here in the city. The couple was shafted out of their savings when they hired Kyle Edwards to put a bedroom addition on their home.

After Mr. Edwards made their backyard look like a mine field and never returned, they took him to small claims court. They were awarded the maximum of $5,000, of course; he never paid the judgement.

This is where I was called in. No, not a normal call for a city councilman, but; I am always willing to see if I can find a solution. I went to see the yard, returned and had a meeting with my employers, the owners of H. W. Bryk & Sons. There was no question that they would help fix the yard. We spent a day, along with Kenny Smith of KJ Enterprises landscapers, giving the couple a safe, smooth yard and grass.

Most people would be happy at this point, but; it stuck in our minds at Bryk Plumbing. We are a proud veteran owned company.  We started to brainstorm…..what if?  Channel 4 did a story and I received a few phone calls offering donations of products and labor. Once again, meeting with the owners of Bryk and getting their support; I started calling businesses we work with to see if they could help.

Cortese Brothers out of Buffalo sent a project manager to meet the couple and view the jobsite. Dave Guisiana sent me a set of stamped prints with an offer of more help and guidance, as needed.

The ball was rolling…..every single contractor and supply house contacted said yes. Big companies, little companies….it did not matter…..they would all help!

I can happily report that as I write this today, all permits have been pulled and we break ground this week.

I will keep you all updated and will list all involved in the project in  The Reporter as we go along.

This is community coming together for a great cause.

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