Tompkins Announces Re-Election Bid for Niagara Falls City Council

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Niagara Falls City Councilman Kenny Tompkins officially announced that he will seek re-election. Tompkins, who was elected to office in 2015, intends to build on his accomplishments over the last three years.

Under the theme, We are Team Tompkins – Community Driven, Community Proud, Tompkins stated of his bid to retain his seat in November, “I do not play partisan politics. Any decisions I have made are based on what I feel is the best for the majority of my constituents. Some are very popular and some are not, but I always believe I’m doing what’s best for everyone.”

Tompkins continued, “My community involvement and participation in a wide variety of events, such as chairing the Community Memorial Day Parade, have brought me closer to the public. To me, it’s important as a council member to be involved and remain accessible to residents.”

“I work well with my colleagues and have built a strong rapport with our State leaders,” Tompkins said. “I do my homework on every issue and try to understand it fully before casting my vote. I am not shy about asking tough questions or speaking my mind at council meetings. If I’m not satisfied, I have no problem tabling an item until we receive adequate responses to make informed decisions.”

Tompkins concluded, “If re-elected, I will continue to be a very accessible and interactive as a member of Council. To me, this job is more than just voting on budgets and policies. It’s about bringing everyone together with a common goal of returning Niagara Falls to its former glory.”


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