Tide of political outlook and power is changing in America

By Frank Dux

(Ed. Note: Donald Trump told the New Yorker Magazine in 1997, that his favorite movie was Bloodsport, which is about the real life exploits of Frank Dux. Jean Claude Van plays Frank Dux in the movie. Here the real Frank Dux writes about Trump and the recent election,)

Recently I wrote a message of reconciliation and unity in the election of Donald Trump that didn’t bode well with some who lashed out at me, making false allegations, condemning voters for Trump as racist, misogynists, a few of them writing to wish Donald Trump’s assassination in office.
The reason Hilary lost the election, I believe, is because the DNC was revealed to be so utterly corrupt it sabotaged Bernie Sanders bid thus alienating those voters.

It’s an affront to reasonable sensibilities when Hilary supporters claim all white people are racist. You take some random bias and assign it to an entire group of people based on their skin color. In fact, when you accuse everyone in a certain racial group of possessing some negative characteristic that is RACISM.

This emotionally based rhetoric resulted in voter backlash; men are tired of being called sexist just because they are men; tired of being called homophobic because they are straight; tired of being told about “white privilege,” by privileged metropolitan liberals and smug parent-supported college kids and worse, their biased tenured professors preaching their own brand of reverse racism without fear of being held accountable, who never had to perform outside the academic world.

Trump is now the president-elect because he won states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan where no Republican since Ronald Reagan won in 1980, nearly half a century ago.

If you’ve been to the small rural counties, you may have noticed a startling lack of this alleged white privilege. These are blue collar folks who work for a living and have little, if anything, left after the bills are paid. When a laborer, truck driver, construction worker from northeast Pennsylvania hears some bratty, self-righteous college girl or news anchor inform him of his “white privilege,” he rolls his eyes and ignores everything else being said.

Donald Trump said he was inspired by the Frank Dux story immortalized in the 1988 movie Bloodsport.

Donald Trump said he was inspired by the Frank Dux story immortalized in the 1988 movie Bloodsport.

To those who “lost” the election I suggest you comprehend the bald fact that Hilary was an arrogant candidate with scandal and corruption as her track record.

As Secretary of State she accomplished nothing but chaos. Her Senate tenure was one giant carperbag. Given her role in Whitewater, Travelgate and missing taxpayer furniture from the White House she and Bill did not willfully, but were forced to return, who expected honesty?

You lost not because of racism but because people now see through the liberal media manipulation of perception. Influenced perhaps by outside interests: conceivably to further a globalist agenda, eroding our rights like the Second Amendment, continually placed under attack by the DNC.

And other real issues like Obamacare.  Taxes. A boundary-less America where anyone can enter and the struggling middle class must support.

That is what was rejected by voters, not gender, not race.

It’s absurd to say Trump won because we have a black president, etc.  GET OVER IT!  Man up and do your part. Like it or not, it’s time to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Frank Dux holding one of his many championship belts.

Frank Dux holding one of his many championship belts.

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