The Right Side By J. Gary DiLaura: ‘WHY AMERICA?’





God blessed America with the greatest natural resources in the world! We have more coal, more natural gas, more fresh water, and more oil than any other country. We have enough natural gas to provide electric power for 100+years; enough oil to provide all our refined petroleum needs for 100 years and probably more! We have uranium, gold, silver and copper and the safest nuclear technology in the world!

It’s easy to see why countries like Russia and China and many more would love to “own” America!

Some people are too stupid to understand why it is important to protect our sovereignty, to protect our borders and protect our Rule of Law. Those who want to change America to a socialist Nation, should go to a Nation that currently “enjoys” those things they feel they can’t get here. From an iron fisted Russia, China and North Korea to free love like Sweden. Go live there for a while then come back and tell us about socialism.

Our forefathers had the genius to create the Constitution and Bill of Right to prevent people from coming here to change our government to be like the nation from which they came! And why, if the country you left is so great did you leave?

As a rule, most people come to America because they seek a better place to live. Some come to destroy it. If you want to come to America but don’t want us to know who you are, or where you come from, and you don’t want to learn the language and become an American citizen, then we don’t want you! You have no right to come to the United States. It’s a privilege we grant to people we want!

If you don’t want to assimilate to our way of life and our customs, don’t come. If you don’t want to become an American citizen because you would rather be a Muslim than an American, then don’t come! I can’t see how a Muslim can possibly believe in our Constitution, which is a requirement to become an American citizen. There is no religious freedom and no separation of church and state with Islam! According to the Koran, Muslims must believe in the Koran or become “unbelievers”.

If you want to become an American Citizen, learn English, obey our laws and respect our customs like Christmas, 4th of July, Veterans Day and have something to offer, rather than something to demand!

Why America? Because it is the best place on the planet!

Finally for those who are citizens, think twice before you vote for president this year since you may lose the right to pick your leader, to pick your religion, to pick your health insurance (oops, you already lost that, didn’t you?), your job, your housing, the right to be a Democrat or Republican or Independent!

You may not want to “pay the price” you will have to pay to become a socialist and get all that “free” stuff!

In America, don’t be angry, you are expected to work and pay your fair share.

All happiness depends on courage and work.

That’s why America is the greatest nation on earth!


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