The Right Side


by J Gary DiLaura

I predict that the FBI will open a major Criminal Investigation on the Obama Administration; probably, a RICO case targeting, treason (the Uranium One deal) along with numerous Hobbs Act violations, money laundering, influence peddling , espionage, sabotage, bribery… you name it… President Obama and his Band of Thieves did it! The racketeering organization is actually the State Department, but for political reasons, they will name the Clinton Foundation as the criminal enterprise, which it is!

I firmly believe that the corruption in Obama’s administration is so vast, so involved and caught up so many in his “House of Horrors” that once the first arrests are made, the Band of Thieves will trip over their feet trying to get in to cut a deal! The sale of uranium to a nation that has 1500 nuclear missiles aimed at the USA is… TREASON… a death penalty crime, no statute of limitation!

You simply cannot do all the criminal things these people did and get away with it forever.

If we picked just one person randomly, like Uma Abedine, for example… she is out on a limb! She transmitted and received SAP, Top Secret communications in unsecured manners. She stored confidential US official communications on her personal computer that was shared with her husband, the Weiner, at their home! Those are all felonies. So what are we waiting for? Good question. I would get an arrest warrant for her and a search warrant (again) and drag her in, in handcuffs, and get her to flip!

John Podesta, same deal, he used his personal computer for everything. We put loyal Navy men in the brig, for unwittingly taking pictures on a sub and innocently showing them to their family; pictures that I am certain wouldn’t divulge any top secret info! Unlike what Hillary and her staff did… she and her staff blatantly violated their Nondisclosure Agreements (NDA) over and over again. The young Navy sailor wasn’t even cleared for SAP communications, nor did he receive any nor did he compromise any. Hillary and her entire staff did, and did it with reckless abandon, repeatedly. And I don’t care what James Comey says… he is wrong, and worse, corrupt… those are felonies and no criminal intent is needed when it comes to SAP communications. All that is required is to violate that NDA, read it!

The blatant way the Clintons laundered money will be their downfall – greed always is! As I said over 2 years ago about Hillary, anyone who would steal silverware from the White House is their own worst enemy. Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves… and she and Mr. Holder and President Obama and Ms. Lynch sure did! Like she said after the CNN debate… “If Trump wins…we’re F…ed”. And she is correct!

Trust me, neither she nor Bill is going to get a walk! Neither will Mr. Holder or Ms. Lynch. I also believe, President Obama will be charged, eventually, with something. It depends on who and how many people talk… and talk they will… mark my words!

This “FBI Informant,” if he isn’t killed, is going to open a lot of doors for investigators. It’s up to the FBI, led by the President, to get very aggressive! Start by putting the source in a “protected” environment, remember 5 people close to the DNC and Hillary; and a Supreme Court Justice, died mysteriously!

If  Mr. Mueller and Mr. Rosenstein are smart they will resign, now! How can they not be “conflicted”? Mr. Mueller was FBI Director and Mr. Rosenstein was in charge of the bribery, Clinton Foundation “matter”… how did that work out? It looks like a $2 million bribe was paid and maybe three people went to jail… did you hear about that? President Obama and Eric Holder kept it quiet!

While Mr. Mueller was director, the ground work was being laid for the Uranium One deal. There were a lot of players, RoseAtom, Urasia, Uranium One… they are all interwoven with Russia conniving to gain control of the US uranium and investors and executives and Russia are common factors… along with the goal of getting US uranium, what a coup for Mr. Putin, and he pulled it off!!!

Uranium One has the license to mine uranium in the US, and Russia gained control. In 2009, Ian Telfer, Chairman of Uranium One , donated $1 million to the Clinton Foundation through his “family” charity the Fernwood Foundation. Mr. Telfer was also a major investor in UrAsia. Between 2008 and 2010 Uranium One and former UrAsia investors donated $8.65 million to the Clinton Foundation!

Why? …because Uranium One has the license to mine uranium in the US, and Russia bought  the uranium and the Clintons! About 20% of our uranium, and the Clintons got $9.85 million, plus, plus, plus! They and their foundations ended up with HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS that they had control over! They paid their expenses, their daughter’s wedding , their salaries but, hey, it’s called a Foundation so they can keep 90% as long as they donate 10%… you think so? I guess we’re going to find out! When Hillary finds out she’s heading to jail… she will suffer a “stroke” and become too ill to stand trial… want to bet?

Eric Holder and President Obama kept secret the fact that Vladim Milkin, a Russian nuclear official, “did knowingly and willfully combine, conspire… with other persons… and agree to obstruct, delay and affect commerce and effect the movement of a commodity (enriched uranium) in commerce by extortion” from 2009 to January, 2012. In 2014, Mr. Milkin received two years in prison, for using bribes to acquire the same America uranium that Hillary “sold”!

In a report on 10-17-17 from “The Hill,” the House Intelligence Committee Chair, Rep. Mike Rogers from Michigan, said “he was never informed about the breathtaking Russian efforts to manipulate America’s enterprise.”

President Trump, because of these unbelievable revelations, must, as the Chief Executive of the US, take control and say, “Enough is enough, I am taking control of this matter by ordering the following steps”:

  1. Order Attorney General Sessions to un-recuse himself or step down.
  2. Order Deputy AG Rosenstein to step down due to his obvious conflict of interest.
  3. Put Special Prosecutor Mueller and his investigation on hold, due to the same conflict of interest.
  4. Order the Dept. of Justice and FBI to reopen the Uranium One/Clinton Foundation/ email investigation, as a RICO case, seat a new Grand Jury specifically for the RICO investigation, and aggressively pursue same.

Order that the FBI to retain all evidence collected during the Uranium/Clinton Foundation/Email investigations and place a protection detail on this so called informant.

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