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By J Gary DiLaura

Obama’s Legacy?

I have news for Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, his legacy will be the exposure of the biggest fraud ever pulled on the American people and the world! His personal “black ops” squad will start selling their information to the “left wing red, commie, pinko” papers that were in the tank for him as soon as he is out of office. What “black ops”, you ask? These are the pros who worked brilliantly to help hide his true identity, true motives, and true character. They masterfully crept into archives and changed documents that were on microfiche and buried for years. They did it without being discovered! The same corrupt press that refused to further investigate and report on the unbelievable discoveries that Sheriff Joe Arpaio uncovered, will turn on Obama like a mad dog can turn on his owner!

They recreated/obtained antique pica stamps that were long ago abandoned, made “date dies” that are no longer available and recreated records to show an American born, black, Christian, American citizen who isn’t black but Egyptian, isn’t Christian but Muslim, wasn’t American born but “Kenyan” and who’s life was financed by Saudi Arabia and George Soros!

Their loyalty will change for the money their stories are worth. Too bad the Republican Party didn’t pick Obama’s pros for the Watergate burglary like Obama’s handlers did! Think how history would have changed, if Watergate was not a bungled burglary and Nixon never resigned.

Soon after the truth emerges, certain Federal Agencies will start piecing together the reasons for his irrational dismantling of our military, reckless closing of coal power plants, outrageous spending, providing top flight fighting F-16 planes, tanks and arms to aid and abet our enemy and that will lead to criminal charges of Treason! When the proof emerges that the reason Obama and Clinton aborted the rescue mission to save Ambassador Stevens and the American Embassy in Benghazi, was to keep Stevens quiet about the munitions the two of them (Obama and Clinton) put into the hands of the Benghazi assassins, radical Islamic Muslims… America will call for their arrests, trials and the justice they deserve!

As far as the so called refugees that Obama insists we take and comfort are concerned, how do we vet them? In Syria, for example, there are no birth certificates, no social security cards, no marriage licenses, there’s no freaking buildings, no food and no water. So how the hell do we vet 100,000 Syrian refugees? Interview them? Let’s see… “Are you a terrorist”? ” No” !  Okay… this one is good…next!

Some people live in la la land. Just because we have hospitals and birth certificates and a Bureau of Vital Statistics and Record Bureau and buildings to house them here, don’t assume Syria, Iraq and Sudan do as well. They have nothing! So how do we track a passport or drivers license in a war torn country? Get a grip.

Having conducted hundreds of investigations and seeing how difficult it is to verify a US citizen’s ID here in America and seeing how easy it is to hide your true ID, forget trying to do the same on Syrian refugees.

If I were to conduct an investigation on Barack Obama, with the records on him that are available, as a candidate for a presidential appointment, and could not verify his date of birth, passport, college records and SSN, by original and proper records, he would NOT pass the background investigation!

I have conducted many such FBI background investigations, in my career!

If we can’t even accurately vet the freaking President of the United States, don’t even try to tell me you can vet some unknown, from unknown Sudan!

Morons, I swear!

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