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By J Gary DiLaura

According to Forbes, T. Boone Pickens’ business LOST over $1 Billion on his WIND Power project and he lost $150 million in personal wealth AND… was booted off the Forbes 400.

When President Ronald Reagan ran for President, he revealed that he made over $1 million and paid near zero in taxes, due to Net Operating Losses! I remember that because as a lowly government employee, I paid more in taxes than the President of the United States!

The moral of that story is when Hillary says, “What kind of moron can lose a billion dollars in business in one year,” she shows how little she knows about business! That’s because she has been “nursing” off the government  her entire life, never had a payroll, never made a business decision, never had a real job, never had  a “constructive” job, couldn’t even pass her own Bar exam but…  she IS an expert at stealing from the government! Remember she stole over $250,000 in White House china, silverware and knickknacks and when caught, gave back $100,000. She netted a $150,000 profit! I wonder if she reported the income?

She literally can’t walk up a flight of stairs without help, can’t stand without support and is going to stand up to Putin, North Korea’s mini me, and China?! They will eat her alive and spit out all those braces, and devices she wears under her man clothes, to prop her up.

Former Secret Service Agents have “written books” on how sexist and abusive she is to them. She calls them every 4 letter, foul name regularly, like they were “low-lifes” instead of her body guards… protecting her! Now THAT’s a moron!

Trump heard one of her “out-of-control diatribes” and referred to it in the first debate, in a gentlemanly manner. I hope he takes the gloves off and tells you what he heard! I’m sure it’s the same language and out of control ranting Secret Service Agents told me about when they worked the Clinton White House detail in the 90’s! They believed she is actually, certifiably nuts!

When the IRS discovered that the Clinton Foundation received a $125 million donation from Saudi Arabia and “forgot” to report the income, she directed her people to redo SIX years of past returns!!! Now, if that doesn’t show hypocrisy, greed and stupidity, how about this: the “Clinton Foundation” donates 10% to charity, and keeps 90% for personal expenses and employee salaries! The $1 million “Charitable Contribution” she showed on her last tax return was contributed to the “CLINTON FOUNDATION”!!

Then she “crucifies” Trump for following the IRS “regulations” and “laws” that she and her fellow politicians made! She made the laws that he followed and now she says HE’s corrupt?!

Net Operating Loss (NOL) is an IRS rule that allows spreading losses over more years. Politicians, journalists and pundits who never had a business, never heard of it but are quick to call it illegal if Trump did it, and brilliant if ANY Democrat did! It’s the small business people of this country who have a payroll that made America great while enduring years of NOL!

Trump has a payroll of well over 10,000 people! Add up the payroll taxes for 10,000+ employees (FICA, disability insurance, unemployment insurance, workers comp, etc.) and then add the property taxes!!!

Trump NEVER made a decision either in his taxes or business that ever cost a life! Unfortunately, some of Hillary’s decisions did! She was in over her head!

Hillary built another house on her $11 million estate to house her Secret Service detail, and charges you and I $10,000 per month rent for HER Secret Service detail! Anyone who thinks the Clinton’s went from “broke” to a net worth of $200 million in 15 years from hard work, must also believe chickens have lips!

She jeopardized our nation’s security, signed off as Secretary of State on Russia buying 20% of our Uranium and received $135 million from the man who brokered the deal! She lied under oath to Congress, says she will appoint a Supreme Court Justice who will “reinterpret” the 2nd Amendment, as well as the 4th and 1st. She lied to the bereaving parents of a Benghazi victim while his body was being removed from the plane when she said a video is responsible for his death AND… SHE DID NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help Americans fighting for their lives in Benghazi… NOT A FREAKING THING!!

Have you EVER heard ANY mainstream “journalist” ask her “WHY”?


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