Tigger Costume Stolen After Altercation at Children’s Event

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By: Staff Reporter

Niagara Falls Police responded to Packard Court around 2000 hours on Saturday, May 1st, 2021, after reports of a robbery. Upon arriving at the scene, police were directed to the Community Center and to begin searching for a stolen Tigger costume.

Officers spoke with several individuals at the party who stated that they did not know anything about a Tigger costume. Officers then went back to speak with the complainant who stated that she works for DJ Dance Boogie and was hired to work at a child’s birthday party to dress up as Tigger and make balloon animals. The complainant stated that an unknown black female became upset because she did not perform face paintings for the kids at the party. The complainant attempted to leave the party to avoid any other confrontations but was followed by two black females who then attacked her.

One of the females grabbed her and held her down while the other struck her in the face and removed her costume. The same female who struck her in the face took her car keys and threw them. Officers then returned to the Community Center in an attempt to locate the suspects. P

olice did locate one of the suspects who refused to identify herself. She stated that the other suspect had already left. Officers did locate the stolen Tigger costume estimated at approx. $300 in value located near the back dumpster. No further information at this time. 


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