THE CRIME NF: Thrill of “Hanging Out” After Dusk Results in Vehicle Towed & Appearance Ticket

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By: Staff Reporter

While performing a premises check of LaSalle Waterfront Park on Buffalo Avenue Niagara Falls Police around 0200 hours on Tuesday, March 16th, 2021, officers indented an unknown vehicle “hiding” after hours. Police then made contact with the driver of the vehicle who stated that him and his girlfriend had just gotten food and were “hanging out.” Police informed the driver, later indented as Anthony Marshall, that the park closed at dusk. However, before Marshall was able to leave police discovered that the license plates were registered to a different vehicle and that there was no registration or insurance on the vehicle. Marshall stated that he had just bought the vehicle a few days earlier and that he had “all the correct documents,” but did not produce them for police. The vehicle was towed and Marshall was issued appearance tickets regarding the incident. 


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