THE CRIME NF: Suspect in Burglary Leaves Behind Purse, ID, and Burger King

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By: Staff Reporter

Niagara Falls Police responded to the 1600 block of Main Street around 1345 hours on Friday, February 19th, 2021, after reports of a burglary.

Upon police arriving at Maytag Laundry, no employee was located and it was apparent the rear office was broken into. After a complainant arrived, it was confirmed that the building was burglarized. Police believe entry was gained by kicking the door open causing approx. $50 in damage.

A key to the building and $30 in cash was missing. Police believe a suspect left behind a purse, a shopping bag of food and a bag consisting of a Burger King Sandwich.

Surveillance video showed a white female inside of the business and images matched that of an ID found in the purse. Police are continuing to investigate the incident.


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