THE CRIME NF: March 6th, 2019, Edition of the Niagara Reporter Newspaper

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-Niagara Falls Police responded to the gas station on Buffalo Avenue in the evening hours of Tuesday, February 26th, 2019, for an armed robbery, According to reports, a masked gunman entered the store and placed a black gun on the table and demanded cash from the register. After being given all of the cash, the gunman escaped on foot. 

-Niagara Falls Police arrested 25 year-old Eduardo Rodriguez for the rape and assault of a 27 year old female on Wednesday, February 27th, 2019. The incident took place on the evening of Saturday, February 23, 2019 at an apartment on 10th Street. Niagara Falls Police say they were initially investigating a stabbing, but after interviewing the victim on Monday, they learned that she was also held hostage and raped. Niagara Falls Police Detective Kelly Rizzo says that the victim was able to escape the apartment by using a wooden ladder to climb out of a basement window. She then was able to make it to the hospital where she collapsed. Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center staff stablized the victim before she was transferred to ECMC. Rizzo says that he believes that if this crime had occurred even a block away, the victim would have likely not survived the attack. The victim is listed in stable condition at ECMC. Rodriguez was arrested at ECMC after checking himself into the psychiatric unit. Police believe he did this to avoid being arrested. He was arraigned in Niagara Falls City Court this morning and is being held without bail. In addition to the rape and assault charges, Rodriguez was also charged with a parole violation. He was out on parole for a prior burglary charge.

-Town of Niagara and County Sheriff’s responded to the Sunoco Gas Station at 6730 Packard Road for an armed robbery in the early morning hours of Saturday, March 2nd, 2019. According to reports, a gunman entered the store and demanded money after brandishing a gun.

-Niagara Falls Police responded to the Travelers Lodge at 5930 Buffalo Avenue, after an armed robbery. According to reports, a North Tonawanda man ordered food for delivery. A man later arrived, but did not have any food. Rather, he had a gun and robbed the man $700.

-Niagara Falls Police and Medical responded to a stabbing at Packard Court in the afternoon hours of Sunday, March 3rd, 2019. According to reports, a woman assaulted another individual with a knife but later fled. Police are continuing to investigate the incident.


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