THE CRIME NF: July 10th, 2019, Edition of the Niagara Reporter Newspaper

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-Niagara Falls Police, while on patrol, observed a vehicle driving recklessly on 19th Street on July 1st, 2019. The car passed through several stop signs without stopping. Moments later the reckless driver crashed into a pick-up truck driven by a man visiting from Canada. After the crash, a male exited his vehicle and began to fight with the officer before running away. Police then engaged on a foot chase. About a half hour after the crash, the registered owner of the striking vehicle reported that her vehicle stolen stating that she left it running in her garage before it was taken. Police are continuing to investigate the incident.

-Niagara Falls Police responded at 1925 Main Street on July 3rd, 2019, after receivng a call that a barefoot women went on a joy ride on the back of a flatbed tow truck after her vehicle was repoed from the 500 block of 20th Street overnight. The driver stopped in front of Niagara Falls Police Station at 1925 Main Street and waited for police to arrive. The driver reported that the woman had attacked and poked the tow truck driver in the hand as he was repoing her vehicle. She then got onto the flatbed and refused to get down. While this was going on the driver said that a group of people came out of a house and began to approach him. Fearing for his life, the driver decided to get in his truck and leave the scene with the woman still on the flatbed. 

-Niagara Falls Police responded to 75th and Stephenson Avenue in the evening hours of Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019, after receiving reports of 15-20 juveniles fighting. According to reports, multiple people sustained injuries and medical was requested to the scene. Reports further indicate that two individuals were arrested at the scene. 

-Niagara Falls Police responded to Walmart on Military Road in the evening hours of Wednesday, July 3rd, after reports of a fight in the cheese aisle. According to reports, no product was damaged during the altercation.

-Niagara Falls Police responded to the 900 block of Ontario Avenue in the late evening hours of July 3rd, 2019, after reports that three armed men were outside of his home threatening him. According to reports, the entire story was fabricated and the 911 caller was so high on a combination of drugs and alcohol that he imagined the entire thing.  

-Niagara Falls Police responded to Sammy’s Pizzeria on July 6th, 2019, after receiving reports that one of their delivery drivers had a half tray of pizza after five males threatened him at an address on Pine Avenue. Police are continuing to investigate the incident. 

-Niagara Falls Police responded to the 3000 block of Highland Avenue in the early morning hours of Saturday, July 6th, 2019, after reports of a shooting. According to reports, one male was shot in the leg and was transported to ECMC for treatment. 

-Niagara Falls Police responding to the 8700 block of Niagara Falls Boulevard in the afternoon hours of Sunday, July 7th, 2019, after receiving reports of a naked man repeatedly running across the street. 


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