THE CRIME NF: “I Kill People and Move Large Quantities of Drugs Why Would I have a BB Gun?”

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By: Staff Reporter

Niagara Falls Police responded to the 2200 block of Linwood Avenue around 0644 hours on Monday, February 15th, 2021, after reports of a subject with a firearm. According to police, a report was made of a black male wearing dark clothing and holding a silver shotgun.

Police quickly located the subject while walking at the corner of 22nd and LaSalle Avenue. Police ordered the male to stop at which point the subject reached into his right jacket pocket and began to run. Police followed in pursuit and did catch up to the target who was identified as Anthony Hill.

Hill was taken into custody. A colt BB gun was found near the scene.

While being processed, Hill stated, “I shot people, I kill people and move large quantities of drugs why would I have a BB gun.”

Hill was issued an appearance ticket and released.


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