The Bakery Restaurant Is Top Shelf

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By: Tony Farina

It started out as a nightclub 50 years ago and 25 years later featured table phones to help diners connect — if they so desired — in a warm and delicious environment filled with the wonderful — and romantic — aromas of top-shelf dinner specials, especially seafood and steak which are still the specialties.

“We’re still going strong,” says Bakery Restaurant owner Kevin Young who along with his wife of 55 years, Valerie, and his sons, David, who has taken over as manager, and Kevin Jr., have enjoyed an amazing run serving people from near and far.  Word of their outstanding food spreads quickly, and attracts the local folks and tourists alike, all looking for just the right dinner spot.

The Bakery, located at 3004 Niagara St., is an extremely popular restaurant because it serves great food in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere with owners and staff eager to please.  

Last week a friend and I popped in unexpectedly and were given first-class treatment and amazing food, served with just the right touch by our waitress, Christine Britton.  We both dined on steak sandwiches and I also had a bowl of super clam chowder (yes, it was Friday).  The food was excellent, and my friend is the fussy sort who had nothing but high praise for her dinner.  She loved it!

Kevin has let son David manage things for the last 20 years as he has taken a little time to enjoy life as he moves into the senior phase, one I am quite familiar with.  But despite the problems in the city, Kevin is optimistic things will turn around in Niagara Falls, maybe not today or tomorrow, but within the next five or 10 years.  

“Business is good and we just had a record-breaking week,” he told us as he stopped by our table for a quick chat.  Later, he talked about new hotels springing up around town and the jobs created by the casino where he worked managing the restaurants.  

Kevin helps son, Kevin Jr. in marketing the Bakery and of course the best-selling point is the high quality of the facility, the staff, and the food.

We would certainly encourage anyone looking for a wonderful dining experience to check out the Bakery on Niagara Street and many other fine restaurants in the Falls, like the Como, Fortuna’s, and Michael’s to name a few.

There’s more to see in Niagara Falls besides the great wonder cascading over the falls every day.  There’s a world of fine restaurants waiting for you to visit and the Bakery is certainly one of them.


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