By J Gary DiLaura

Thank you Jesus for giving us the chance to regain our Christian, Constitutional Republic, founded on the rule of law, established by our Founding Fathers, treating all people equal and no one more equal than others and immune from the laws THEY established. Allow me to say a brief prayer in that regard.

“Sweet Jesus, thank you for gracing us with a President Elect, Donald Trump, who will make our America the Grand Lady she once was, re-establishing a Military with the strength to once again defend her from those who would do her harm. Allow him, through our laws, to ban those from entering our Nation with intent to do us harm. Give us strength to recreate a manufacturing nation through American-made materials, US citizens and our own natural resources that you bestowed upon this Grand Nation. Keep our President Elect and his family safe from those who would do them harm. Amen.”

I was going to ask our Lord to look over Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton while they serve their life sentences in Leavenworth Prison for Treason, Hobbs Act, Rico (in Hillary’s case), Perjury, Theft of Govt. Property, Destruction of Govt. Property, Espionage and more, but I thought I should keep my thoughts to myself!

So I will, Amen!

If you think Obama is finished, you are sadly mistaken!!  Obama intentionally weakened this country for a reason, and that reason is NOT so a President Trump could rebuild it. He built hundreds of “FEMA” prisons (passed off as shelters, with armed guards and barbed wire), for a reason. He stored millions of rounds of ammunition and hundreds of thousands of body bags in FEMA Warehouses, for a reason! He passed thousands of Executive Orders, in case of Martial Law, allowing him to disarm citizens, take over Banks, the stock market, police stations, hospitals, private property and on and on. READ THEM! They are ALL for a reason. Why do you think he did that? I believe I figured it out and it’s VERY disturbing, to say the least. I don’t know if I should reveal what I believe Obama is going to do and need to think about releasing my thoughts on that.


They are ALL for a reason.

Why do you think he did that?

One more thought…did anyone beside me hear Hillary state that we live in a “Constitutional Democracy” during her concession speech? I thought we live in a Constructional Republic and pledge our allegiance to the Flag of the United States of American and to the “Republic” for which it stands”.

She got it wrong. Hillary Clinton in her concession speech incorrectly called America a “Constitutional Democracy”. America is a constitutional Republic.

A Constitutional Democracy is a contradiction of terms.

By its very definition a Democracy is not governed by a constitution. A Democracy gives absolute authority to the Majority to rule over the Minority and the Individual.

It is a Republic, by definition, which restricts the Majority through a Constitution which is written to safeguard the rights of the Minority and the Individual.

A Republic limits the power of Government.

A Democracy gives the Majority in control of the Government unlimited power.

While a Democracy is ‘two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for supper,” a Republic gives the lamb, through the constitution, the right to reject the majority’s decision of the choice of dinner if it involves being dinner.

A Democracy can require anything of the people that the majority desires. A Republic does not allow the minority to rule over the majority, it only limits the majority to the strict written constitution.

In short, A Democracy is the unlimited power of the majority to rule the minority. A Republic is the unlimited power of the Constitution, which the majority must abide and obey, before they are permitted to exercise or impose any rule or law desired by the majority.

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