TESTIMONIAL: Caroline Wojtaszek “Provided Me with Strength and Confidence to Speak the Truth on the Stand”

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District Attorney, and candidate for County Court Judge, Caroline Wojtaszek.


Editor’s Note: Debbie was the victim of a crime as a minor and her last name is not being disseminated for that reason. 


By: Debbie

As a teenager entering my senior year of high school, I should have been preparing for college and graduation parties. Instead, I was preparing to testify at a trial against my abuser.

I was overwhelmed by the idea of speaking to a courtroom of strangers about what had happened to me, but thankfully Caroline Wojtaszek was my attorney. The most difficult time in my life was made bearable by Caroline’s undeniable belief in her ability to obtain justice for me and my family.

Her confidence in the courtroom was inspiring and provided me with strength and confidence to speak the truth on the stand.

There is no one I would trust more to be our next County Court Judge than Caroline Wojtaszek.


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